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Eduardo "Eddy" Calcines


"Leaving Glorytown will leave readers with unforgettable lessons about the struggles that people experienced under Fidel Castro's leadership and the opportunities that come with freedom." 
~Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

The boy was excited to see soldiers but mystified by "the Voice" broadcast from cars and light poles, "a crazy tapestry of the same Voice at different intervals, volumes and pitches. Who was this Voice? I had no idea, but I figured he was someone important." The voice, of course, was Castro's, and as Eduar grows, he becomes more aware of the regime's power and threat. Calcines' new memoir, Leaving Glorytown: One Boy's Struggle Under Castro, tells the story in an authentic child's voice, an effective way to get it across to young readers. This is Calcines' first book, but he demonstrates a sure hand with narrative voice, never slipping into adult polemic but keeping the story that of a young boy who may not know much about political ideology but feels its all-too-real impact on his life every day. 
St Petersburg Times

“Calcines’ vibrant writing gives readers an intimate, front-porch view of his family will captivate readers and open a door to a subject seldom written about for teens.”

“Calcines . . . nonetheless recalls being surrounded by loving adults who weathered adversity with a combination of strong character and unshakable faith.”
Kirkus Reviews

"I had such a wonderful time tonight at the B&N record on book-selling the first night...I heard one of the employees say your book did better than Warrick Dunn's book did...not a bad start! I'd love to see it on the New York Times best seller list!"
Shauvon Powell

"This book is your personal testimony of how far you and your family have come since the hardship of your youth. This book is a tribute to your heritage. I am very privileged to be in your company. I know that this story is going to break many records, and reach an audience of great diversity."
Kim Mygrant

"What a great debut! I think God is going to use this book in a mighty way. You are the whole package, man: godliness, passion, humor, humility. To whom the Lord has given much, much is required. I think God is ready to take His creation called Eddy Calcines for a major spin."
Dr. Bill Reynolds


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